Equine and Veterinary Jobs

Advertising professional vacancies in the Equine and Vet industries

Thoroughbreds off the Track

Responsibly re-homing Thoroughbreds retiring from racing

Training Show Jumping Shows

Show-jumping and Show-cross Shows at various venues in KZN

Equestrian Directory

Online listings for equestrian businesses, individuals and service providers

Equestrian Classifieds

Complimentary advertising listings of equestrian related items for sale

Free renewable listings of Equestrian related items for sale

Equestrian Classifieds 


Advertise and browse equestrian items/gear/horses for sale, listing is free and valid for three months, renewable thereafter (a reminder email will be sent to the listed contact address once the ad is due for renewal). Register/login to place your advert.

Or pay R150/month, on a month to month basis, to Feature your listing – your item will be viewable on the home page, and listed before the other classifieds listings.

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