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Thoroughbreds off the track

Homing Procedure

Horse listings have personally been viewed and measured and their listed information based on assessment at the time of viewing and additional background information supplied by the trainer. Heights are measured with a measure-tape as accurately as possible. Register an application for homing to go on the mailing list/arrange a viewing, first option reserved to registered homes. Application must provide reliable contacts of qualified equestrian professionals that can vouch for your home. Full breeding/name released to registered homes only. Horses are sold directly from the trainer’s yard and must be moved asap after purchase. Trainers are generally open to an offer on the asking price. Should you require videos and additional conformation work-up photos the fee is R350, please arrange via WhatsApp.

Rehoming service suspended indefinitely...

Sadly I have not been in to the racing yards since Lockdown. At this stage I’m not sure if I will get chance again

Terms of Homing

  • No horse is to be used again in any form of racing
  • The re-homing process is a sale and not an adoption, ownership is transferred on payment of invoice, horses will be released on receipt of payment proof
  • NHA re-homing form to be signed and returned prior to release from the yard
  • It is up to the buyer to arrange/book transport for the earliest possible date. Equine Services SA will coordinate collection/release from the yard. Only recognised, reliable, responsible horse transporters permitted to collect. Transporters must have had experience loading young Thoroughbreds, in a safe float with an experienced groom in assistance
  • No horse may be returned ‘unsuitable’ after purchase and no responsibility will lie with Equine Services SA for an ‘unsuitable’ purchase
  • The onus is on the interested party to view/try-out/have vetted before removing a horse from a yard, vettings welcome, for buyer’s arrangement

No available listings

Viewing General Info

  • Riding is permitted by most trainers, just bear in mind a horse in training is only used to a racing saddle, and only racing saddles are available
  • Riding facilities are limited other than at the track. Horses have not been exposed to jumps, there are no jumping facilities. Young horses don’t know the ‘aids’ and most won’t strike a canter on the correct lead etc.
  • Be conscious of the duration of your viewing, don’t get too carried away hanging around the stable yard! Able to return to ride, be considerate of the trainers time as they do not work ‘normal office hours’! Know what questions to ask (e.g. what food you would need to stock; deworming history, recommended farriery, etc.) Discuss any concerns you may have – trainers want to know you offer a suitable home!
  • Observe the horse’s behaviour while being tacked up, handled and when mounting. Trot the horse up in-hand to check for soundness and evenness in movement. Check legs for any bumps or thickening in the tendons, feel each leg and joint for any heat, check for even muscle tone. Take your instructor or an experienced person with you so you have a professional second opinion should you need one

Terms of Purchase

  • Ownership is transferred on receipt of payment proof
  • New owner agrees to notify Equine Services SA if they intend to sell a horse on, or give away to a new home, or if a horse moves to a different yard than stipulated on the application form within the first three months off the track
  • Agree to horses being monitored throughout their lifespan, and to send regular updates/photos!
  • Should a situation arise where you are no longer able to care or provide for the horse you will let Equine Services SA know immediately
  • Any compromise to a horse’s welfare Equine Services SA reserves the right to report to a relevant Horse Care Unit for appraisal, and if deemed necessary, surrender.
  • You commit to providing all necessary veterinary/farrier/dental/healthcare requirements and will provide a responsible home

Thoroughbreds off the track re-homed through 2019

Thoroughbreds off the track re-homed through 2018

Thoroughbreds off the track re-homed through 2017

Equine Services SA is a unique Summerveld-based (KZN) company run by a person working professionally within the industry, please forward to a colleague looking for a horse off the track.